Land Rover Defender: the unique configuration of all-wheel drive and heavy-duty suspension components

Land Rover Defender: the unique configuration of all-wheel drive and heavy-duty suspension components

Autocar magazine spoke with the developers of the new Land Rover Defender and find out some details about the SUV of new generation. Car with the in-plant index L663 built on the modernized platform of Discovery and the surcharge will be offered with air suspension.

The basis for the new Land Rover Defender was actually aluminum monocoque D7u – upgraded and enhanced version of the platform Discovery and Range Rover Sport. A stronger subframes, suspension arms, ball joints and bushings; enhanced articulation wheel moves the suspension and ground clearance. According to Andy deeks, head of group product development embodied in the “defender” a margin of safety and reliability exceeds all standards of the Land Rover.


To test new models Land Rover uses robotic platform to reproduce movement of the vehicle in three-dimensional space. In a few weeks, you can simulate a 240 thousand kilometers in the most extreme conditions. But Defender had to recalibrate even the settings of this platform.

The new Defender will be the original configuration all-wheel drive system and Terrain Response traction, differentials with electronic lock in both axles, increased angles of approach and departure, as well as several options of tires from all-terrain to mud. Other settings will have the pendants on the base will be the version with steel springs, and for a fee will offer pneumococci. For the adaptive shock absorbers developed a special temperature control unit, which will prevent them from overheating. The size of the wheels ranges from 18 to 22 inches.

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Like its predecessor, the new Defender will be sold in versions with long and short wheelbase. However, now numbers 90 and 110 – conditional. Later will appear the modification with the index 130. The range of SUV engines will include three petrol and three diesel units, which are combined with vosmidiapazonnym “automatic”. As the base gasoline engine will be offered two-liter P300, and more powerful alternative will be P400 displacement of three liters or a plug-in hybrid P400e with “turboservice” 2.0. Electrified modification will be the fastest acceleration from zero to “hundred” it takes only 5.9 seconds.

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