Land Rover was unable to defend the design of the Defender

Land Rover was unable to defend the design of the Defender


Litigation between the company and Jaguar Land Rover, British billionaire James Ratcliffe, producing a SUV Grenadier, extends to 2019. The subject was the design of the iconic SUV: the automaker asked the court to ban the Ratcliffe to sell the Grenadier model, created based on the Defender. During the next session the judge has rejected a request by Jaguar Land Rover register special rights to the shape of the car.

According to Bloomberg, 4 August 2020 London court ruled in favour of Jaguar Land Rover: the experts intellectual property office said that the current Defender “not original”, so it is impossible to prevent other companies to release similar SUVs. This opens up opportunities for firms billionaire James Ratcliffe of Ineos: it can continue the creation of a model Grenadier, inspired by the Land Rover Defender.


The representative of Jaguar Land Rover, told reporters that the company is disappointed with the court’s decision.

“Defender is an iconic vehicle that is part of the past, present and future Land Rover, quoted by Bloomberg. – Its unique shape is instantly recognizable and symbolizes the brand around the world.”

At Ineos in turn, said that fans of utilitarian SUV can expect the appearance of the Grenadier in 2021. The company expects to sell annually about 25 thousand copies.

Grenadier, also called successor to the classic Land Rover Defender, showed in the middle of summer. He received the “square” design and traditional model construction, namely steel ladder-type frame, solid axles with spring suspension, plus an aluminum body. It is expected that the engine lineup will include petrol and diesel units BMW, modified by the efforts of Magna International.


Land Rover is not the first time comes into confrontation with James Ratcliff. A few years ago the businessman has offered to buy out the automaker’s part of the Assembly line and rights to produce the original Defender, but was refused. In 2019 Ratcliff has announced the opening of its own plant in Wales, in which investments are estimated at 600 million pounds.

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