Large chain gas stations have lowered the price of gasoline and diesel fuel

Large chain gas stations have lowered the price of gasoline and diesel fuel


Retail network Glusco (117 stations) 25 Mar reduced the price of all fuels on 1,2 UAH per liter. It is reported by trade publication ekogh citing data from price monitoring to market “Consulting group “A-95”.

So, the prices of diesel fuel and gasoline A-92 at filling stations network fell to 23.95 UAH/l, petrol A-95 – to 24,95 UAH/l, and branded fuel MAXX – to 25,95 UAH/liter.

Also March 25, Kyiv network “avtotrans” (53 stations) lowered prices on all types of fuel for 40 cents, and Dnepropetrovsk Neftek network (18 stations) – 2 UAH/liter.


On March 24, the network Shell gasoline and diesel fuel fell to 30 cents: A-92 – up to 24,80 UAH/liter, A-95 – to 26.40 UAH/l, diesel fuel – to 25.36 UAH/liter.

Also lowered prices on all light oil at 30 to 33 kopecks./l network Chipo.

Network “BRSM-Nafta” has reduced the prices of diesel fuel by 23 kopecks./l.

Also fuel is cheaper in the Nikolaev network of “Quorum” and working in the Eastern regions of the network “Avtoport” 0.3-1 UAH/liter.

Recall that after the collapse of prices for oil and oil products, which took place March 6-9, operators station in the most non-revised retail prices of fuel. The reason was more than 10% devaluation of the hryvnia. In euros, the average retail price of gasoline and diesel fuel in Ukraine 2 through March 16 fell by 7.2–7.3 percent (7 cents/l), to €0,91/litre and €0,89/l, respectively.


Earlier it was reported that retail sales of fuel at filling stations in the first week of quarantine in Ukraine decreased by 15-20%, according to estimates by the largest operators. In April, the reduction can reach 40-50%. According to experts of “Consulting group A-95”, it will have a strong influence on pricing, as sales decline the operating costs of filling stations has grown in connection with the quarantine.

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