Large chains have reduced the price of gasoline

Large chains have reduced the price of gasoline


Large networks of gas stations over the weekend (April 2-5) have reduced gasoline prices, reported to enkorr in the Consulting group “A-95” with reference to operational monitoring data.

In particular, at OKKO and WOG stations, the price of A-92 gasoline dropped by 1 UAH / l, to 29.49 UAH / l, and the “five” fell by 1.5 UAH / l, to 29.99 UAH / l.

In the KLO network, gasoline A-92 has fallen in price by 10 kopecks / l, to 29.19 UAH / l, gasoline A-95 – up to 29.49 UAH / l (-70 kopecks / l). At UPG, gasoline prices fell by 40 kopecks / l.

Such networks as AMIC, “BRSM-Nafta”, “Avtotrans” and Motto have reduced gasoline prices within 0.2-1 UAH / liter.

According to a representative of the retail market, the price adjustment was carried out in preparation for a memorandum between market participants and the Cabinet, which will be signed this afternoon.

The text of the document has not yet been published, but, according to enkorr, it provides that prices for all brands of oil products in April will be below 30 UAH / liter. Exceeding this level is possible only in case of a sharp change in the situation on the world market.

Dynamics of retail prices in gas station networks on April 2/5, 2021, UAH / l:

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