Latest teaser: Acura NSX Type S sparkled face

Latest teaser: Acura NSX Type S sparkled face


This world belongs to crossovers, SUVs and pickups. Many brands have already begun to “clean up” their lines, and Acura did not stand aside either. She is about to retire the NSX, and the Type S modification will be “swan song” for it. The debut will take place tomorrow, and today we are invited to take a look at the latest teaser.

The video is short-lived: the action unfolds in eight seconds. We see two Type Ss racing down the track. Previously, the Japanese showed us only the sidewalls and the rear, also the engine cover and some details. Fresh content for the first time gives us a glimpse of the front end, albeit a glimpse.

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Posted by Acura Tuesday 10 August 2021

In slow motion, you can see that the front bumper has undergone some changes, and the vents have also been significantly redesigned. This is confirmed by spy shots, in which the prototype has the same transformations in the front part.

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Posted by Jon (@nsxjon)

Earlier, Honda promised that it will make the NSX “faster than ever.” Well, here’s a puzzle: what can we expect? Maybe the supercar will be faster to gain 100 or 200 km / h? Or is it about increasing the top speed? I would like to see all this, but as a consequence of the increase in power. The current version produces 580 hp, but it is said that the output can be increased to 650 hp. or at least up to 607 hp. We’ll find out everything tomorrow.

The release of the farewell Acura NSX Type S will be only 350 units, and production of the model will finally end in December 2022.

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