Launch of the new McLaren 570s Spider!

Launch of the new McLaren 570s Spider!


After spending a relaxing weekend at Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel, I’m attending UAE’s launch party of the new McLaren 570s Spider. We even had a P1 GTR show up!! On my last day I then hosted the Forza Game Ceremony for the Games of Arabia convention.Follow me

hey what’s up guys this is blondie welcome to a new vlog we’re on our way to a 5-star resort here in Dubai we’re gonna have a little staycation just for the night it’s a Friday night so weekend in Dubai we’ve got the i8 back and I’m currently just charging it so let me put it into so when you guys come to Dubai I get a lot of questions asking me where can you see Lanson values and I’m going to show you what something balle just out here friend you want to see wait until you see this line aria three-two-three in blue also 570s listen obviously i know who owns that car I think that’s Pacers car case busted I know where you are I think I was by 650 Thank You lovely look at this CV that’s what you want to see I’ve got the tip of the Burj Al Arab mosaic that’s what it’s called isn’t it that’s cool no I’m super hungry so I do suffer from hunger we do not want to get to that stage it is now 2:30 already and we’re haven’t eaten anything so we’re gonna hop down there and then we’ve got about two and a half hours only here and then we’re gonna have to come back and get prepped for the big McLaren at five 70s spider launch night that is what we’re going to that’s kicking off at 6 o’clock so 2:30 now just a few hours to chill and show you around the place and they were heading out because my name is Alex I usually get mr. Hershey which I’m kind of used to by now but honestly I swear Alex the name is more popular as a girl’s name in Australia then as a boys but I’m still often mr. Hershey – she’s happy she’s happy I’m happy what are you having we’re gonna make Sunny’s they’re horrible I didn’t shave this morning some beer so now I can do this ha feels really weird and what are you doing well basically creates resistance the beard in the water and it keeps that behind you so interesting Hey it’s not the first time you sent it to me either if you scroll up now the only message is this guy sends me how are you so pale living in derived two reasons it is so freakin hot it’s been like 50 degrees for four months there is no way I am gonna sit out and 5th degree in heat and tan myself they is just off the cards I’m sorry and that is why I’m so wiped the other reason is on Australia and Australians know about skin cancer do not lay out in the Sun so that’s why I’m pale we’re gonna go to the McClaren launch in literally 20 minutes quick change of clothes quick quick no we’ve already changed quick quick change of clothes and we are off to the launch of the mclaren 570s there it is 570 X’s spider waiting for its big reveal I cannot wait to see this car I think I’m gonna fall in love with it sorry you possibly espada just be revealed and I’m standing mixing the biggest man who I have here oh so he’s the lucky one who got to sit in the car first and ribbit what do you think it sounds I know who doesn’t right yeah but if it sounds different to other McLaren I think it was kind of like a one popping noise yeah I didn’t get that sound from any other part no I was surprised as soon as you got in and you ripped it and there was just one big pop at the end I was like wait that’s different it’s pretty much the same car look like somebody else when did you handle things are puddles at all it was just like one out for when he was written in most Clarence that was a surprise to be alive this is a been taiga would you believe it what is the first black edition been taken jewel tone leather I know you guys know I what do you think of these so that’s it that the launch of the 570 in the UAE I we are just Wardell morning a day to add Jumeirah here look what I found last night who’s that my face in chocolate face in chocolate go yep got the gold yeah but you decide some of it so now I have to keep saving former Lamborghini oh right that’s it oh my god we’re just leaving the hotel just got in the car I can’t put my back up into this scene it is going to burn the living daylights out of me we need air now man the thing is is that there are lots of restaurants sorry hotels here together so this is how we go from one hotel to the next hotel how by boat waterways that’s cool that never gets old I’ve lived in Dubai nine years love it all right whoa I got my dog he passes on oh I didn’t realize do they make smell she’s looking nervous I don’t know why are you looking at stage notice about these things stage I don’t like smoking actually on stage in front of people what do you know what do you know about babies and what else these guys we might use cyber is put these gamers in the allowance actually have leads they played us Oh sympathy to announce the winner of the folder competition and we are goanna main experience

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