LC300 GR Sport: when to save up for the Lexus LX?

LC300 GR Sport: when to save up for the Lexus LX?


“Drive her off-road, immediately!” – this is the first thought that comes from the seen Toyota Land Cruiser 300 GR Sport SUV. There was no strength to resist, because under the hood there is a 3.4-liter diesel engine with two turbines and an incredible amount of torque, three fair locks, and also a shortened body kit that directly calls out to check the SUV outside the asphalt (although in the last point everything is not so simple …).

However, we were not going to hold back. And besides, we have prepared for you another very detailed (up to boring) comparison of the 300 with the previous 200 Land Cruiser. In all disciplines without exception.

Spoiler: the owners of the previous SUV do not need to rush to buy. But what you need is to look forward to the test of the new Lexus LX.

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