Le Mansory: jubilee line Ford GT

Le Mansory: jubilee line Ford GT


New from well-known tuners with its signature wrought-iron wheels of the type YN.5. The front axle is equipped with tires Continental Sport Contact 6 dimension 245/30 ZR rear 325/25 ZR21.

In March, we wrote about how the Bureau Mansory was founded in 1989, decided to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. Then as a gift to myself and three wealthy lucky ATEL modified coupe Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, giving him the name Cabrera. Such is the reference to the “Italians.” Suddenly at the anniversary lineup includes and supercar Ford GT Le Mansory – now with a hint of the main 24-hour race on the planet. The recipe is the same – a brand new shell with elements of carbon fiber and other headlights, rethought interior and boosted engine. Circulation in the car for the decade workshop.

It is obvious that the new bodyshell is increased dvuhdverka in size, but is known to only increase 50 mm to the width – to 2053. On the roof there were two air intakes, active rear wing gave way to a giant fixed. The coupe is painted in a shade Bleurion racing Race.


The style of chairs recycled. The Germans claim that in the interior there is not one part where they had nothing. Inside was dominated by a combination of white and blue Alcantara and elements of exterior colors. More complete details of extruded aluminum.

Surely with the increased to 710 HP and 840 Nm return turboshesterki could handle and double-barrel exhaust system, but we are dealing with Mansory rear the coupe flaunts a triple line. By the way, the tuners are pointing as a factory performance engine 3.5 V6 EcoBoost 656 forces (and 746 Nm), and therefore, the presented model relates to the pre-reform version of Ford GT 2020 has 669 HP anyway, now the maximum speed supercar is 354 km/h instead of 347. Prices, as usual, be announced three American-German supercars are probably already sold.

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