Learn how to drive an F1 car in 1 hour!

Learn how to drive an F1 car in 1 hour!


I went down to the Dubai Autodrome to learn how to drive an F1 car! The whole thing only took about an hour and it was one of the most insane experiences in my life. The former F1 driver Eddie Irvine used to drive this car in the grand prix! hope you like the vid. Much love, Alex xoSpecial thanks to:Dream Racing – Dubai Autodrome – – EuroNews – Follow me on:

I am about to learn how to drive an f1 car in 40 degree heat 48 degrees it’s got a pond though but idea yeah yeah that’s what I thought it’ll be fine the difference about the f1 cars in Dubai they are all dry yeah but just in the Helmand this is like II guys so um we see each other pretty much only when I come to the track yeah and he’s a fantastic instructor and he’s gonna teach me how to drive an f1 guy actually here filming for euronews they were like hey man oh you want to learn how to drive an f1 cars like yeah sure let’s do it and so they’ve organized everything today first I’m gonna get in what they’re gonna drive a radical radical okay as far as a prototype class of the racecar so you get a feeling of what else are we gonna get to see the truck before you driving off on time yeah great always good to see the track yes always more time you spend on a track the better so this is hopefully will get you ready for the Athan okay all right what’s the step between driving this Allah never okay so this one would have say 300 horsepower okay 700 or so this has to see this is the thing when you go to the track and you want to push the car you usually have an instructor next to you just to make sure everything’s fine you are all alone in this car room so I’m literally gonna have I think of a practice session of 10 minutes and then boom I’m in the car by myself and going around the track and everyone gone that’s insane I’m gonna be practically Lewis Hamilton by the end of this day they don’t even noticed the heat because you’ve got so much adrenaline running through your body if you can’t even focus on it it’s only when you get out and you realize that you’re drenched which the panel I’m just other car you’re absolutely right I didn’t realize how other words I’ve got a little bit of a breeze coming underneath the visor and that’s what you need by God only how I’ve never actually been overboard to that level only straight people it’s sort of rule you know it’s not a glamorous well that’s for sure how do I look tell me what I can do better most like the track time is always very important some of the more you drive on the track the more you begin the mines but yeah yeah braking points better there we go doctor ah mm who in their right mind would literally put you in an f1 car after three laps around the track in a radical just keep it between you and me but I’m having to take my shoes off and put narrower shoes on because the pedals are so close together in this car that these shoes were literally like overlapping like this and that would have been really dangerous I’ve got little narrower racing shoes here and I’m hoping that’s going to do the trick this basically turns you into a pro driver when you’ve got these shoes on yeah it’s fine yes he got strapped into it with a no inch of your life honestly I’ve never been so excited and before you say 10 inches shorter Oh does it really need to be this time good only breathe oh just let the clutch go a bit too quickly so sensitive holy holy arm well I just I I didn’t speak that entire time around I just realized as I was coming I was like I have it I literally haven’t spoken this entire time it took so much concentration and every single little movement you make the car just responds immediately and it’s just like you stuck to the ground and I’ve just never experienced anything quite like it and I just thought I’m just like like pinching myself going down this Strait in an f1 car what so this is the wheel here to put it in first gear you press this button here the green one you just take these off you press this green one and the shift up lever at the same time that’s what puts it in first gear okay to get off the clutch is super like finicky so you really need to be careful to bring it off slowly slowly have enough reps and then once you’re in first gear you can forget about the clutch then you move your left foot to the brake and you just go like this on the accelerator and the brake together massive thanks to Syed who did an awesome job leading doing that all right guys this isn’t just like any f1 car this car was used in f1 races this is a 2000 Jack it was literally used by professional f1 drivers and now I’m in it that’s mud Eddie Irvine drove this in the f1 he’s a British Formula One a Grand Prix driver the stats on the car 550 horsepower the crazy thing is this car also weighs 550 kilos so what that means it’s one to one for every kilo the car weighs you get one horsepower and that is super rare to come by not for an f1 car but I just mean four cars on the road supercars anything the only supercar on the road today that you can drive legally on the road is that has one two one is the Koenigsegg one two one Wow what a day thank you guys so much for watching massive thank you to you by Auto dome and a dream racing this is their car that you can go test out when you hear and thanks to yura news you’ll be seeing me on euronews very shortly right I need to get some water and catch him over and come down from that high okay bye guys hope you liked the video

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