Learn to steer the steering wheel: Model X and Model S traditional steering wheel is not supposed to

Learn to steer the steering wheel: Model X and Model S traditional steering wheel is not supposed to


Preparations for the market launch of the updated Tesla Model S and Model X electric vehicles have dragged on so long that in the first quarter of this year, the company did not supply cars of these models at all. Prototypes seen on the streets were alternately equipped with a conventional steering wheel and a steering wheel without additional levers. The classic steering wheel will not go into the series even as an option, as Elon Musk made it clear.

In the hearts of connoisseurs of classic ergonomics, there was still a hope that the traditional-shaped steering wheel would be available to buyers of the new Model S and Model X at least as an option, but the traditional activity for the Tesla CEO on social networks allowed him to get a direct and short the answer to this question is already this week.

As noted by Electrek, Elon Musk said from Twitter pages that the round steering wheel will not be offered to owners of the Model S and Model X of the current generation under any circumstances. In favor of using the steering wheel, he gives the main argument – devoid of an upper arc, such a control contributes to a better perception of information on the dashboard. As the autopilot develops, the steering wheel will be used less and less by the driver, but its rapid transformation is already causing concern for potential users.

As the source recalls, the current Tesla is equipped with an electric booster with a gear ratio of 14: 1, which implies a rather active rotation of the steering wheel at low speeds when maneuvering in confined spaces, and it is inconvenient to do this with the help of such an alternative to the classic steering wheel. As Elon Musk previously noted, power steering with a progressive characteristic will appear on Tesla electric vehicles only in a few years. A similar steering wheel was seen on the second-generation Tesla Roadster prototypes, so it can be assumed that the company will introduce similar controls without alternatives on older electric vehicle models.

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