Legendary Tucker 48 in perfect condition for sale

Legendary Tucker 48 in perfect condition for sale


17-18 January in the American city of Scottsdale, Arizona, the company Gooding & Company conducts the auction of classic and rare cars. One of the lots – the Tucker 48 sedan color Waltz Blue Metallic with a mileage of less than 10 thousand km. On auction, its price can easily exceed $ 2 million.

If you love cars, you probably know the tragic story of the American entrepreneur Preston Tucker and his Tucker Corporation of the company who are victims of a conspiracy of competitors, and if you don’t, we recommend you to view the film of Francis Ford Coppola’s “Tucker: the Man and his dream”, where the role of Preston Tucker brilliantly played by actor Jeff bridges. This picture of 1988 considerably fueled interest in Tucker and his Tucker 48 sedan was released edition of just 51 thing. Most of the machines produced have survived to the present day, and the price is well preserved specimens growing by leaps and bounds, and the most desirable for collectors are machines original blue Waltz Blue Metallic, which was made in only 12 pieces. The same color is often reproduced in the scale model Tucker 48.


In Scottsdale will sell the sedan with the chassis number 1034. The last time he surfaced at auction in 2014, and then was estimated at 1,425 million dollars. At the beginning of this year, a restored blue Tucker 48 with the chassis number 1040, went at auction RM Sotheby’s for $ 1.6 million. And within the Monterey Car Week last year, red Tucker 48 sold for 1.82 million dollars.

Given the fact that the instance of #1034 is in completely original condition (i.e. never been restored) and has a mileage of 6,200 miles (9978 km), we can safely assume that its price will be over $ 2 million.

Tucker 48 – frame rear-engined sedans that took to the end of the 40-ies of the last century, very avant-garde design. Elegant aerodynamic design that inspired the body including the Soviet designers, for example, Yuri Aronovich Dolmatovsky, famous devotee of rear-engined layout (the Tucker he, in particular, mentioned in the book “the Car for 100 years” category publishing “Knowledge” in 1986, he portrayed American car in profile). The features of the Tucker 48 include door overlay on the roof (massive auto industry came to this decision only in the mid-80s), soft collapsible energy-absorbing dashboard, collapsible steering column and windshield, seat belts, anti-theft system, Central swivel headlights, independent suspension of all wheels on the elastomer, disc brakes, tubeless tires.

The engine was originally planned to use a row of 9.65-liter 6-cylinder with fuel injection and hydraulic valve train, but its design was not able to bring to mind, and therefore on production machines installed helicopter a 5.5-liter boxer “six” Franklin O-335 with a capacity of 168 HP paired with a 4-speed manual gearbox with a vacuum shift linkage. The original continuously variable automatic transmission Tucker-Matic with two torque converters have been installed on only three cars, and an instance of #1034 in the number missed.


In modern American automotive industry only Elon Musk can match with Preston Tucker in the guts of the proposed ideas. But the Mask was more lucky: a large American Troika could not believe that the office of this “upstart from South Africa” will survive that long, and produce a machine that is at the wow-effect in some ways even surpassed the Tucker 48 is pickup truck Tesla Cybertruck. But the Tucker 48, of course, a billion times more beautiful.

Do you think for how much you will be able to sell the car?

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