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How to find a good online parts store? The options can be many, from qualified managers to convenient forms of payment. But one of the most important factors is convenient and accurate spare parts identification catalog. Because with this interface you have to interact in the first place.

Whatever skilled managers, they are not enough to answer all the calls, if the directory “heads or tails”. Same thing with paying for something to pay, if the items can not pick up? Therefore, we in the online store Leoparts a lot of work on the usability of our catalog. But let’s order.

Who we are

We launched the online shop leoparts.com.ua seven years ago, in 2012. Before this we all worked in the field of auto parts – picked up the parts and repaired the car. Therefore, each of us is engaged in spare parts for more than 10 years. We know how to help with the selection of the necessary components to your car. Our Luggage is and professional tips, and life hacks, and great experience.

We are based in Kiev, but thanks to the development of online sales, online payments and operational work of the Ukrainian carriers are free to work with clients all over Ukraine. Why do they choose us? We are sure that at least one of the reasons our convenient catalog.

Online catalog an online store Leoparts

Why in our catalogue it is convenient to work? Because it is adapted to non-specialists. The days when every car owner was also a mechanic, were in the distant past. And today you do not have to know how and what is in suspension. How it affects our directory? Let me explain.

First, the name of the car is clear and does not contain unnecessary or confusing symbols whose meaning is known only to specialists. If you are looking for Lanos, then you will find only a sedan and a hatchback, no “sloped back” or T100/T150. It’s “Lanos”, and not a terminator at the end.

Secondly, you will not find parts and that it is unclear what is different or unknown destination set. If you see two filters from the same manufacturer, they may have a different size and you can see exactly what it is. Even if you don’t know the size of your filter, it is enough to measure. If it’s shock, we clearly specify what rear axle and which are for front and which oil and which gas (or gas oil). If the tie rod end, where right and where left. We are doing so that you have no questions, “what’s the difference and how do I select a part on your car?”.

Third, if this is a paired item, the window parts you will always find information to code this item to the second side of the vehicle. An essential feature for selection of isolators, lugs, rods, levers and other parts.

Fourth, view larger image detail right in the search results – do not have to go into each product to enlarge the image. This is very handy when the choice is large and you need to check visually whether the item.

Fifth, we did a more detailed directory. If you are looking for a timing belt, it is in finding you will not to fall and kits timing belt, rollers and tensioner. You’re looking for a belt here belts, why on the screen extra information.

Of course, we can double check for you any information if you want it. For this you can send us your VIN code. Then we will do it ourselves.

Other benefits

About the catalog we told you about his skill also. Let’s talk about payment and delivery. In Kiev and suburbs parts brings our own shipping. On Ukraine – choose the most convenient for you carrier. In choosing a payment you also are not limited to: cash, card, online or through the Bank. You can pay the courier to do so in the office of the carrier to send through “Privat 24”, or make a payment from the account of a legal entity. As you prefer.

Your convenience and comfort is our main goal. We do everything to make you satisfied with the purchase of spare parts in Leoparts and asked us again. Try it – you’ll like it.

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