Less cars – more margin! Aston Martin takes the example of the Ferrari

Less cars – more margin! Aston Martin takes the example of the Ferrari


The company is now experiencing some financial difficulties, but hopes to overcome them as at the expense of large investments of the owner “stables” Racing Point Lawrence Stroll, and thanks to his experience in the business. As you know, the Stroll, which has invested in Aston Martin more than $ 220 million in exchange for a 16.7% stake, acquired the right to influence the strategy of development of the brand.

And, as stated by the head of Aston Martin Andy Palmer to Autocar, under the influence of the investor firm is going to introduce a new business model. For example, the Ferrari company is going to produce less cars, but to get per sale more benefits. Last year, Aston Martin has released 5 800 cars, but in 2020 for the greater exclusivity of production can be reduced (though, apparently, these calculations do not relate to crossover DBX).

“It’s time to become the British Ferrari, offering customers to determine the specifications of their cars and to wait until we build. DBX already demonstrates how we will continue to work. We manufacture these machines only under the order, and all quotas in 2020 is already selected,” said Palmer.


Simply put, Aston Martin going to stop collecting cars for the sake of replenishment of stocks. It is expected that in the future business model of the brand will involve the manufacture of machines only for a specific customer.

As for plans to expand the portfolio of the brand, they are, according to Palmer, do not change: in the current year, Aston Martin will bring to market a luxury car Valkyrie, in 2022 will be Valhalla, and a year later – the new Vanquish. In addition, the company employs over the latest six-cylinder engine with twin turbo and a hybrid powertrain.

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