“Less is better”: Ford’s evolution

“Less is better”: Ford’s evolution


The press service of the American brand has published a video showing the evolution of Ford vehicles, from the classic Model T to the Mustang Mach-E electric crossover.

When cars first appeared on the roads around the world, they were simple machines by today’s standards. It is noteworthy that in the cars of those times, home windows were used, and were set in motion by a complex system of levers. One of the most important elements of the interior, which has remained unchanged, is the steering wheel, which has never been replaced by any modern solutions.

Over time, car interiors began to mimic the most exciting forms of transportation, from bomber cockpit designs to imitation of a spaceship cockpit.

With the advent of video games and the increased use of digital platforms, screens and many buttons have increasingly appeared in car interiors. In the early 2000s, cars reached their peak in popularity, and many argue that the very best car interiors were created at that time.

Current trends in car interiors are based on the “less is more” approach. Automakers are doing their best to integrate controls into touchscreens. Touchscreens are ideal for automotive companies looking to cut costs and reduce the number of parts required to assemble a vehicle.

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