Less successful sibling of the bestselling Honda: retro design and two-storey trunk

Less successful sibling of the bestselling Honda: retro design and two-storey trunk

The company Honda introduced the K-Kar N-WGN the second generation. The model was transformed, inside and out, but the engines remained the same.

At home small hatch N-WGN, a relative who is microvan Honda N-Box, is among the top ten most popular K-cars. However, the CD is losing customers: in 2018, the sales of the N-WGN fell nearly 17% to 63 009 units, and in January-June 2019, the model stopped 22 687 clients 36.6% less than the year before. For comparison, his brother N-Box in 2018, has sold 241 870 copies (+11%) in the first half of the current year 131 sold 233 units (+3%) is not only the best selling kei car, but the most popular model of the Japanese market at all. This success N-Box was reached after the change of generations (debut in 2017), change the image of the N-WGN should also help to revive demand.

The design of the hatch is performed under a retro model has round headlights and rectangular grille. Dimensions are the same, because they must meet the standards for kei cars: length is 3395 mm wheelbase – 2520 mm. In the structure of the body applies a greater amount of high-strength steels. Like its predecessor, the new N-WGN also has a youth version with a Custom console, outwardly from the base of the machine, this CD is different rectangular headlights, a more aggressive body kit, the presence of the spoiler and antenna in the form of a fin.

In salon four, there is a new front panel, “tidy”, and a control unit climate control unit, the multimedia system screen became larger. The steering wheel is now adjustable not only in height but also in departure. Front seat when entry/exit are rotated 63 degrees. By the way, beneath them is situated a fuel tank – Honda note that due to this decision managed to achieve more space. Opening rear doors enlarged to make less than the loading height. If before the N-WGN was “underground”, now the trunk is two floors and it is divided by a shelf that can be raised and attached to the back of the rear seats.

Already in “base” a new N-WGN is equipped with a complex security system Honda Sensing, includes adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking with detection of pedestrians and cyclists, which works even at night.

The motors were upgraded from the previous model is a three-cylinder 660 CC “aspirated” with a capacity of 58 HP and its turbo version, the outstanding 64 HP, Both matched with CVT. The hatch is available with both front-wheel and all-wheel drive.

Dealers are already taking orders for the new Honda N-WGN, the price is in the range from 1 400 to 1 274 793 880 yen. “Live” sales will start on 9 August. Outside Japan kei cars not officially sold.