Levante updated: restyled interior

Levante updated: restyled interior


Italian crossover crept to the middle of the life cycle. You also not noticed that swept four years?

Ambitious SUV with a Trident on the grille debuted in March 2016 at the motor show in Geneva… and suddenly became the best-selling model Maserati, leaving behind his humped back even a relatively affordable sedan Ghibli.

Although the release of the updated Levante is scheduled for the end of the year, some details are known now: the redesigned crossover hit in the lens of photographer Walter Weir.


More likely Mr. Weir got updated Levante in the vicinity of the Assembly site in Turin – it was there at all “datatimeout” pre-production samples. And Yes – if not modest camouflage, just covering the tail lights, the new Levante could have passed for old: the lights look attracted just punch the rear bumper became a little more expressive and graficzne than before.

It is expected that the main metamorphosis take place with Levante interior: concern FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), which owns Italian premium brand, plans to equip the crossover with a new generation of corporate multimedia Uconnect. For this reason, the front panel of the second (brown) SUV, caught by Walter, carefully hidden from prying eyes.

Also suggest you to see a detailed test drive of Maserati Levante Q4 from the team InfoCar.ua:

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