Lewis Hamilton & New Supercar Launch

Lewis Hamilton & New Supercar Launch


I’m taking the Brabus G500 4×4 Squared from Oman to Abu Dhabi, where we join the new Supercar launch of the Mercedes GT 4-Door Coupe. Lewis Hamilton also joins us just ahead of the final Formula One Race of the season!Thanks to @superiorrental (check them out on Instagram) and their crazy fleet of supercars in Dubai. www.superiorrental.aeFollow me on:Music by:Desert Climate – Global Genius

my rise g500 4×4 squared I’ve just been chilling in Oman for the last couple of days in the beautiful so I had two days off it was super nights heading to a Mercedes car launched in Abu Dhabi we’re gonna go on a big road trip in this beast massive thanks to superior rental they hooked me out cuz I was like Lucy’s not gonna make it it’s offroad thank you very much it’s the height of juice pop so what am I two point two five meters then bottom to top or our road trip from Amman back to the UAE Lewis Hamilton is going to be there yep Mercedes Lewis Hamilton makes sense we’ve got this incredible series to bring with us let’s go this is how you made the chariot Gordon happy little bird is that I don’t know what they eat out here doesn’t seem like there’s any food so we’re talking to superior rental about what we potato man they have the most awesome cars in their fleet like not usual of supercar rental places right they had an eight 12 superfast that we could have taken and I’ve never driven that before but we’ll have to do that another point because that could not have made it over these bumps that’s where we’ve been staying in ze Bay that’s funny who do you thinks gonna win and I go knocking your og thank you thank you don’t expect to see something bigger than me only through being a big turbo just over 420 horsepower sort of fully militarized zone there’s military from so many countries just over this mountainside yeah we’ve got the UAE army and Avani army yeah it’s a highly controlled area so you’ve got to have special permits to come in here and yeah it just makes it all the more secluded quite a nice little getaway really why is it well because Iran is like a 30 minute speed boat trip away from this coast like this when you’re driving up but we forgive it because I’m so cool right we are nearly in Abu Dhabi I’m not fitting to the ladies g-e-t but the board or do you think it’s gonna be party next bathroom project one delivery right now no fool please approve I wonder what college is right i wonder what might be Mercedes ladies and gentlemen Lewis Hamilton super excited to be here in Abu Dhabi looking forward to the last race these seasons are incredibly long but I’m really excited about getting back in the car he just never gets old sitting in the GT the four-door coupe you’ve driven this car is one of the fastest cars of his generation that’s gone around the Nurburgring you drive the fastest cars in the world and you drive them more quickly than any other driver tell us a little bit of it this car what do you feel when you said there how do you relate to the modern products from AMG it’s incredible to see that the development of these cars nowadays they obviously the two-door version of this car is the one that I’m following around when we have a safety car which I’ve driven around the track and a performance status thing has been incredible but now what I’ve been able to done to do with the four-door extend that car if you’ve seen the boot space the trim space here is really incredible but it’s still key that that safety car esque balance and performance so it’s and the engine now is just getting more and more powerful in these these AMG engines so and you get more and more gadgets in in the car to actually simulate what it’s like in the form on current terms we’ve been out to adjust balance and those kind of things so yeah I mean I’ve had a lot of fun I didn’t get to drive on them no slack Louis your journey in Formula One twelve seasons five world championships this has been an amazing effort and you constantly talk about team and I say to people who don’t know you that I get asked you know what’s Lewis really like and I say well when he mentions team he truly means that and that you can only do it with a great team behind you within our team there’s over a thousand people I’ve been in the city since I was 13 and and all my wins all the success I’ve had have been with Mercedes I was actually I learned by Mercedes in 2005 in form of three as well so it’s been a long journey with them and I’m really proud to be a part of the the naturally part of the family part of the heritage and just just be on this great journey with them you’re not just a racing driver you have your fashion you’re more active I think social media wise and globally than any other driver so you take on additional responsibilities whether you realize it or not how do you keep that energy how do you keep that motivation well it is a privilege to be doing what what I do I mean there’s only 20 of us in the world they get to race these four long cars I wanted to do this when when I was that full I was 5 years old when I wanted to be a full-on driver and that was my dream and I never lost sight of that and I’ve been very very fortunate my family worked incredibly hard to help me be where I am today and so every day that I have an opportunity to to race I grab it with both hands and I try to be the best I can be but there are so many other elements that you know I didn’t want to just be a driver and there’s so many drivers each and every single one of us is individual and unique and are away so it’s super important that you show your uniqueness don’t try to even like the person standing next to you being your unique person and and trying to be the best you can be and that’s really what I try and do and so the best me is not just the racing driver it’s also someone if getting crazy traveling the world experience and other things and I am also trying to also try to set up what I might want to do after this cuz I can unfortunately can’t do this forever as you know so you know I’ve probably got another few years at least within me but beyond that is gonna be something something else but there are I do I’m very very fortunate what a platform a lot of people follow me a lot of kids and I think it’s super important for us adults particularly to to show the right you know try to be the best role model you can be to the kids because the kids are the future yeah well I think you you definitely eat that as well off track as you do on track if we can turn it to to this weekend it’s the tenth Grand Prix year in Abu Dhabi you want it three times I know you’re going to think that’s not enough you’ve won the championship you you know the end of the season is very much in sight and you can grow a recharge your batteries for next year but just tip a little bit about the the sort of region the Welcome you gain here that what does chrome preemies to you this is really the best corn free at affordable price we have in terms of having ticking the last one thing we have in the year there’s no better groom for you to finish the season on you know you finish on the finale you know this is the one that will my family will have to come to the Welcome that we get here is an incredible hospitality is second to none there is no get close to so you can show your appreciation so this is like mana even taken from the racetrack to your family at home and sneak a couple of kids in the back and take about dinner that’s kind of why they’re trying to do with it

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