Lewis Hamilton’s car was sold for a record amount

Lewis Hamilton’s car was sold for a record amount


At RM Sotheby’s auction, the McLaren MP4-25A racing car, driven by seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, won the Turkish Grand Prix in 2010, went under the hammer. Online bidding took place during the British Grand Prix at the home circuit of the British racing driver. For a piece of Formula 1 history, an unknown buyer paid £ 4,836,000 (roughly $ 6,580,200 at current exchange rates). This is one of the highest bids in the entire history of the auction.

McLaren MP4-25A is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz V8 2.4 engine with 801 horsepower. Paired with the unit in the car is a seven-speed “sequential” McLaren. In 2010, the car took part in 19 races of the “Royal Races”. That season, thanks to McLaren, Lewis Hamilton won the Grand Prix of Turkey, Canada and Belgium, and also finished second six times, making a total of nine podium finishes in the championship.

The auction, which took place during the British Grand Prix, was watched by about 140,000 Formula 1 fans. The car was Hamilton’s first car to be auctioned. An unknown buyer paid £ 4,836,000 for a piece of Racing Royal’s inherent history.

Thus, McLaren almost set a record for the cost of all Formula 1 cars. The British driver’s car was second only to Michael Schumacher’s Ferarri F2001, which sold for £ 5,449,607 in 2017 (roughly $ 7,415,200 at current exchange rates).

In mid-June at a British Speedmaster auction, the Jordan 191 racing car was put up for sale, which was driven by seven-time series champion Michael Schumacher in his first Formula 1 race. One of the most beautiful cars in Formula history, the seller valued £ 1.25 million (approximately $ 1,700,800).

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