Lexus and Toyota will use Mazda’s rear-drive platform

Lexus and Toyota will use Mazda’s rear-drive platform

The future generation of several Toyota and Lexus supposedly will get a RWD platform and inline six-cylinder engine from the company Mazda. This information appeared in the international specialized media, citing unnamed insiders in Japan. The first of these models may appear in 2022.

It is expected that Toyota plans to use Mazda’s rear-drive platform and an inline six-cylinder engine first on the successor of its premium sedan class Mark X. the Premium division of the Japanese brand, Lexus intends to introduce these items in the new coupe, which in the current model range will be located between the existing coupe RC and LC .

The publication also hints that Lexus is planning to use the Mazda platform for quite some time. The report asserts that the model of the Lexus IS and RC the next generation will be built on the platform of TGNA (Toyota) with a V6 engine, but after that the model will be transferred to the units of Mazda.

Report Mazda for investors, which was published in March 2019, were included in the company’s plan to manufacture inline six-cylinder engine using the latest technology Skyactiv-X.

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In the same report reported the plan to create a new architecture that will support models with rear-and all-wheel drive. The outline of the automaker showed his intention to expand the production of new components in the period from 2020 to 2025.

This information confirms earlier rumors that went that Toyota and Mazda a close working relationship. For example, the new Toyota Yaris Hatchback in the United States has much in common with the Mazda2. In addition, companies have a partnership to build a plant in Alabama cost of $ 1.6 billion for the initial construction of the Toyota Corolla and crossover Mazda.