Lexus cars are equipped with a unique anti-theft marking

Lexus cars are equipped with a unique anti-theft marking


The Japanese brand has set for its models an innovative system for protection against theft.

As representatives of the Lexus, the car brand installed a special anti-theft label, which is intended to reduce the interest of the hijackers and to provide additional opportunities to check the purity of the history of the car.


To make the procedure of forging the VIN is almost meaningless to many elements of the car to apply unique anti-ID – L-Mark that contains the PIN is tied to VIN number. This set is made in the form of microdots with a diameter of 1 mm, which are not detectable by the eye, but information from them can be considered during removal and multiple magnifications.

A label applied to a number of parts: pedals, door hinges, seat rails, engine Bay casings and nozzles. Just cars has up to 10 thousand of such elements. As a result, even when changing the VIN or replacement parts, the car still can be identified by law enforcement during the procedure of registration or verification.

The buyer of a new car Lexus will issue a certificate Unique anti-theft identifier, which contains the PIN code of the car, allowing to verify the authenticity of IDs. Additionally, the plate with the VIN-number is made using special technology that additionally protects the car from trying to forge a room.

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