Lexus GS F vs BMW M5 | Chris Harris Drives

Lexus GS F vs BMW M5 | Chris Harris Drives


The BMW M5 is the default benchmark performance saloon but can the Lexus GS F and its atmospheric, 471bhp V8 compete? Chris Harris finds out… WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

vectors is fast car history is curious its first the ISS was actually a decent climate irritating the bmw m3 its most recent however the RCS was mostly terrible in between came the LFA supercar which is still one of the most desirable machines perfect rhythm this is the new GS s Lexus is answer to the big fast saloon question it costs over seventy thousand pounds and this one is very blue but before you assess any very fast large saloon car you have to roll out the m5 because let’s face it the m5 is the baddie the whole craft named after the m5 it called the m5 file so first of all let go for a stroll in the 30th anniversary employ and find out just what the best fast German saloon car is all about we have such a colossal number advantage you wonder why the GSM is bothered to turn at the race we’ve got nearly six and horsepower here in that hot hatchback more than the lectures have we’ve got the Baptist damping we’ve got alterable steering weight we’ve got the totally configurable car we’ve got a larger body with more space we’ve got more grip from wider tires and it’s got more of anything this is a numbers bet it is the ultimate expression of real Drive German very large saloon car I need for the most part very very good however I’m not going to drive to the bottom of a really good world Frome then drive back up it and tell you what it’s like to drive fast because in some ways it’s surprisingly good the nervous I’m finding it live opponent if a standard at 10 mm 5 is already a very punchy test numbers this 30th anniversary special takes things from this step further that means 600 horsepower for the 4.42 twin-turbo v8 and the 516 foot pound a talk it’s 50 kilograms child 2 terms and with the optional drivers package will do 190 miles an hour and still limited unit enforced 20 rooms must paint and ceramic discs in taking the price to over 90,000 pounds now for my configuration I’ve gone longest throttle comfort dampers and the lightest steering I might go this doing one more less middle steering but there’s a theme here my slack is everything off in this car making it soft as possible it has effectively the common types of special on it and it’s still on a Welsh a row way to lift the rock that’s wise being a bit of pain in my backside but there’s still so much power to talk there you go airborne but they just can’t get it onto the road so the point I’m making here is yes it’s great the Empire’s got 600 horsepower it’s an absurd number and when it does get all of it onto the road the feeling of acceleration is outrageous but the number something can actually do it without clogging a little bit scary happening and or the traction control light flashing are so limited that the Lexus power outlet seems to be more sensible but what I’m getting at here is the latest power of torque figures really do work much more effectively with the available grid which we’re axles the m5 has got too much power and torque willing to put down all is a lie today on a road like this you can argue will live somewhere ha stirrin by the wider road it’s best surface yes but you can’t always have that Kenny the other thing is the stitches when should slightly ruins our theorem for me as well there’s doing a bit over light not really with me I like a lot of chatter and kickbacks with a rag is everything so stiff but the gearbox is magnificent the engine itself is magnificent twin turbocharged and it read as hydrolase normally aspirated motor and once it is hooked up it is so damn fast in a straight line I think it’s 911 Turbo for what a magnificent thing and of course I love weather from the outside I love the cabin does this segment it is the all-round has but I had exposed the shanty to the image of the inspector and for the wheels covered by bill falls from rich speed otherwise the m5 is a superlative of the vehicle I got into many cars that would suffer more on a limited test driver cut one hour at the show them back touch drive from Alexis GSF could it just takes so long to reveal it’s quite considerable first Lana under that predator esque mug lies a 5 liter 470 lat atmospheric v8 with just 391 foot-pounds of torque it weighs less than the m5 at eighteen hundred and sixty five can announce this model suspension is way simpler to those fancy adjustable dampers to fixed Sachs socket this car is totally unconventional it’s quite unlike the conventional sport saloon out of Germany the control order the way it drives them what it offers is different and when you first get in it you think yes this is completely rubbish but you have to persevere if you give up at that point you will just walk away and take yourself yes it’s not very fast it’s not as good-looking and it’s not as impressive with any of the German cars in this class if you stay with it I did a bit of a treat in store because I spent some time in this car and I’m really enjoying it let’s start the driving position it is absolutely spot-on and has one of the best seats of any car I’m driven in the last five years it’s supported and super comfortable and I feel right in the center of the vehicle it’s a strange thing to describe but the driving position of the cars I mean it’s often overlooked and laces are absolutely nailed it with this one then there’s the engine ok it doesn’t have any of the big bombastic hey look at the flows of my willy numbers of the German cars have but it’s normally aspirated how many normally aspirated engines another less than five cars how dr8 Lamborghini Huracan same car this one and not many others that’s something to be celebrated and this one it absolutely squeezed it feels like it’s roaming to about 9:00 if it’s going to about seven and a half but it’s a complete event and it reminds you why we all love normally a stroke then I just think it’s a complete and utter tonic everything about the lectures is less headline ear and those weird lexus exhaust tips still make my teeth walk brakes are steel and thrill eighty millimeters up front the 19-inch rims and tires are also smaller than the BMW’s the gearbox is a torque converter also not a DCT I’m going to configure my Lexus but I’ve only got one thing here so I can go to normal with Connolly Sport and Sport Plus I don’t like Sport Plus I’m going to go to sport and I can have a manual optional gearbox but unlike the BMW this gearbox isn’t automatic with a manual function where’s that one isn’t your clutch so first off let my talk that is expect Chancellor engine and I’ve got no exact examples and I’ve got no choice of damping pencil I’ve got one setting and over this road it’s better than the BMW whatever you say I know you can take that comment back off the BMW right now I’d rather be in the latest in terms of its ride handling compromised quite important in the car man steering I prefer the steering rack in this car it’s got none of the kickback amount of fidget and I feel more confident my turn the car that turn moment I just judge better this car and the whole body just feels a bit smaller so I can place it better the visibility’s better after car planning a bit and those images just throw it they’re not going forward hold on now this engine either Joy’s but I promise that as well about three and a half well yeah about three six it comes on tan the vitae boys will serve it at about three six intake noise hub and then it just scoots all the way up to the limiter and you pull the paddle and hit another gear change even in the fastest mode is not fast enough it’s a patch on the BMW’s and I’m down just a bit slow sometimes the Rev match is not great for the gibble is weak it have to be said what you enjoy driving faster than cars you owned an e39 m5 I think you like the further over the new m5 and as for the way the power torque work with the crib available on a black British Road it’s just support enjoyable things dry because you don’t have a constantly worried about the traction I’ve done with the batsmen grow up wonderful it’s got loads of grip from those sticky Mitchell into them like this cold weather quite so much the brake pedal it’s really good I’m not having explained yet place everything about it and the way it goes down a road it’s so much better than the asked the epic metals company this is a infinitely better vehicle than that it’s not really special personality because it grows on you and I’m enjoying that more and more however we then get to the thorny issue of the cabin I was talking through this clavicle I think it has a craziest trial cabin on sale at the moment genuinely I had to stop and do it stations we’re trying to it moving along there’s a chance I’ll crash I need to start the engine for this so you can see the full madness of this cabin it really is like the inside of someone’s head first of all the steering wheel which has a load of buttons I don’t know what they do this one here’s the volume for the radio there’s a mode button in the middle and then there’s a whole load of stuff going on dashboard there’s an up and down here for a menu but there’s also a square one here that’s got up down side deprived of money on another one in the middle that’s other well that’s for as a back button another menu button here that’s your radar cruising that’s your lane departure warning that’s your voice trying to give voice commands and there’s a phone on and off there I can’t fathom them but if there’s two sets of menus going on here this is all electronic inside here I’ll have a look at a close-up now it’s beautiful it’s quite LFA esque in the way they’ve put it together which is really cool I love some of the detailed design I love the way the sort of a tungsten look so the surround the dials most small speedometer is quite Aero it’s really cool indicated on the right side given this is a Japanese car and the windscreen wipers work completely counter intuitively the wrong way around the paddles fill out their form a cheap gaming steering wheel so this is actually in GSF terms quite conventional if a little baffling however let’s get down here to the full madness on this hump here there’s a sort of rectangular an oblong thing that moves you round your menu system here and I have no idea quite how it works as an up/down button there though I still don’t understand what that does but the main menu which will get you through to your you know everything from climate to your media inputs or your CD player which is by the way this hole in the dashboard here you can access your heater controls from there but they’re all repeated here they do this lovely roll up and down thing as well when you go up and down it’s really pretty ergonomically it’s a total disaster because you’re controlling stuff here and then you’ve got stuff to do on the steering wheel here and everything overlaps it’s totally counterintuitive and best of all the navigation won’t recognize postcodes it is a total disaster however it looks fantastic and it feels brilliant and I just think it’s wonderfully wonderfully crazy the gear leaver for example the D tends to make it move are the wrong way compared to any other gear leaver so you find yourself constantly fighting against the resistance point three point turns to go at ten minutes because you’re wrestling with this lever it’s got quite a storage space you can you know hide stuff but every point someone’s gone I know what let’s just stick it there because it might look cool I quite like the single-mindedness I’m just doing it the way they want to do it and then there’s the cabin materials count the number of different materials in this place one two three four five six seven eight nine ten so I can count ten different materials here in the bindle isn’t there a three it’s an absolute mess but rather wonderfulness it’s even got exposed fake allen bolt heads here that go into the Alcantara that whole Bell on the dashboard it’s insane but you just know it’ll last because these things always do yes it’s a mad cabin for a completely mad car the weather definitely helped show the GSS strength a little more clearly but the fact is in normal road driving you just can’t deploy the m5 to crazy numbers it’s just too much and suspension is refurb the m5 is all subjected with a better car here not least because it’s fuel tank is big enough to cater for normal journeys unlike the GSS but the fact is that less is actually more enjoyable to drive most of the time and I’ve never expected to say that

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