Lexus has begun testing hydrogen-powered sedan LS

Lexus has begun testing hydrogen-powered sedan LS

Model Lexus LS fifth generation appeared in 2017, and at the moment she has three powerplants, two gasoline and a simple hybrid. However, in 2018, the chief engineer of “El ena” Toshio Asahi in an interview with GoAuto confirmed that the company is considering alternative drive systems for this model. Consideration was a hybrid Plug-in type, a fully electric version and the car on fuel cells. It was noticed during tests in USA.

The main components of the LF-FC: yellow electric part, blue – hydrogen. The rear axle results in one motor, front mounted electric motors in the wheel hubs. Under the hood – fuel cell and power electronics under the floor – hydrogen cylinders in the form of the letter T. the Back – buffer of the traction battery.

Pictures completely taped shut prototype large not of interest, as the model with the conditional name externally, the LS FCEV will be close to petrol, except that the decor will be adjusted in the lattice Yes lost exhaust pipes. More interesting is the fact of the appearance of the test sample, talking about the release of this version somewhere in 2020. For benchmarking, by the way, the testers took the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai SUV Nexo. Why the first is clear: with Mirai hydrogen sedan LS partly intersect technique. Well “Korean” – an example of one of the most successful vodorodnaya on the market (along with the same Toyota).

In cylinders of the Mirai sedan hold five kilograms of hydrogen. As far as missing them, depends on the driving cycle. When tested according to strict American EPA standard turns out to 502 km, while soft Japanese JC08 everything goes 650 km. the idea to have Lexus supply of hydrogen should be higher.

The future of evolution “El es” in the fall of 2017 raised the concept of LS+ in which much attention is given to the autopilot. And in January 2019, the company built on the basis of “El-ESA,” experimental drone TRI-P4 with better hardware than the previous analogues.

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The Lexus LS FCEV likely we have stuffing, reminiscent of the contents of the concept LF-FC, although not all of it can match, say, the number and layout of electric motors. But it is highly likely that hydrogen will be LS all-wheel drive. Meanwhile, recall that the sedan uses only gasoline. Modification LS 500 leads byturbulence 3.5 (422 HP, 600 Nm). The LS hybrid 500h under the hood mounted engine 3.5 V6 with the Atkinson cycle (299 HP, 356 Nm), which assists traction motor (180 HP, 300 Nm), and the total output of the system reaches 359 forces. Even in China there is an elementary version of LS 350 with aspirated 3.5 (315 HP, 380 Nm).

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