Lexus has introduced the concept of the Lexus GX off-road

Lexus has introduced the concept of the Lexus GX off-road

The Lexus GX remains truly unique in the segment of midsize SUV is the only model in the class with frame construction which has just been updated and got a new off-road package.

These improvements should help the Japanese SUV to remain the fourth best-selling model of Lexus in the US, or even give the impetus for the growth of sales. But GX is much more than just a SUV that sells well. The model has a large community of fans and enthusiasts, who praise its strengths and off-road capabilities.

The latest prototype of the Lexus is a concept car on the basis of the GX’s off-road inspired ??the people who found the combination of luxury and “unmatched off-road capability”.

“Concept cars are usually created in order to arouse enthusiasm among the fans, but sometimes it enthusiasts and their vehicles embody the concept of life,” says Lexus the idea of a new prototype.

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The concept is equipped with extra options such as snorkel, winch, neatly fitted in the front bumper, storage box on the roof and additional storage compartments in the trunk. The vehicle moves on the massive off-road tires and has a matte gray color, plus an exclusive icons GXOR. In the promotional video the concept is shown with a very cool trailer for campers who rides on appropriate wheels and has a color.

Concept GX Off-Road will be presented at the Fj summit in Ore, Colorado, before the end of this week. The vehicle will join more than 50 other instances of GX. There is no information about the production of the serial version of the model.

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