Lexus has told about his first electric car


The first electric Lexus, who will present at the October motor show in Tokyo, is an urban hatchback with a futuristic design. About it told the Vice-President of the brand koji Sato.

Yet the concept does not even name, but according to the brand, city hatchback will receive the futuristic design of all Lexus models. It is expected that the inspiration for future innovations designers is derived from a concept of the 2015 LF-SA. It was a 3,4-metre car with the landing formula 2+2 and projection “holographic” display in the cabin.

Details about the novelty is not disclosed. In an interview with Autocar, head of the brand said that the rookie will get the infotainment panel for a “new level”, which will be located on both sides of the steering wheel. According to representatives of Lexus, that adaptability will be the main leitmotif of the urban electric vehicle.


Lexus has already announced its plans to enter the electric car market. By 2025, the market should appear once 10 new electric models, created in conjunction with Toyota. The head of the luxury sub-brand also noted in an interview that the brand places great hope in-wheel motor, although he admitted that on completion of this technology will take years.

The final appearance of the electric model is still in the approval stage, but the head of the design Department Koichi Suga promised that branded grille will not disappear completely, despite the transition to electric.

According to him, the grille, even though it has no practical use for an electric vehicle, should not disappear completely, as has become the hallmark of the brand. But, he added, for electric vehicles brand will create something more futuristic and unconventional.


The official premiere of the novelty will take place at the motor show in Tokyo, which will open on October 24. To date, no release date models on the market, or the approximate value of the mark does not name, but it is possible that as part of the premiere will be new details.

Would like to electric Lexus as a concept?

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