Lexus introduced a novelty – hybrid sled with “endless” trunk

Lexus introduced a novelty – hybrid sled with “endless” trunk


The canadian office of the brand showed a festive concept of a sleigh powered by a renewable holiday spirit.

The canadian office of Lexus presented the Lexus HX Sleigh concept-a sleigh with all-reindeer drive, a liftback body and an “unlimited volume” Luggage compartment. According to the brand, the sled can climb up to 18.3 kilometers, has a built-in navigation system and a premium mark Levinson speaker system.

The novelty is powered by a hybrid powerplant of unnamed power, running on 100 percent renewable holiday spirit. It is reported that the sleigh has a trunk that holds billions of gifts, and its door can be opened with a wave of the hand, which will make it easier for the owner to load and unload gifts.

In the interior of the sleigh there are four displays with which you can control all functions. The interior of the novelty is equipped with a climate control system with a neck heating function. The cost of the sledge has not yet been disclosed.

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