Lexus introduced its own version of the lunar Rover

Lexus introduced its own version of the lunar Rover


Japanese designers presented their version of the Rover. Image of the vehicle was published in the independent magazine about culture, art and fashion, Document Journal.

Space was always the place that humanity was very eager to learn. The conquest of the stars was one of the main tasks of the best scientists in the world and space organizations, and the engineers have come up with some amazing techniques and ways to “bring us closer to space.” Of course, we all know that space shuttles and rocket boosters, with their huge appetite, are the only way for us humans to be able to overcome the pull of our atmosphere and escape into space. Naturally look for such vehicles goes to the latest plan.

In the upcoming issue of the magazine Document Journal (magazine about culture, fashion and art), designers and architects from around the world have tried to give readers the opportunity to look at their ideas about what will happen to our life when we finally will live on the moon.


Naturally, a vehicle is a huge part of our lives, and the question of how we will move around the moon, Lexus responded with project Rover. These guys have created a few different vehicles, from hoverbikes, gerogery and even a huge ship with living quarters, viewing platforms and even a swimming pool. Of course, each lunar vehicle, the work of the Japanese prestige brand has interesting design elements of the Lexus, such as the letter L.

While it is clear that it is very far from what will be our real moon, when we finally start living on the moon, there is no doubt that Lexus has presented some damn good sketches. As a fan of their high-performance models F series Performance, I am very interested in the question of whether the Lunar Racer to have a powerful 5.0-liter V8?

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