Lexus introduced the world’s first tattooed car

Lexus introduced the world’s first tattooed car


Lexus and renowned London tattoo artist Claudia De sabe introduced the world’s first tattooed car. They became the subcompact crossover UX, to the body which caused the Japanese traditional culture pattern of koi.

When applying a pattern on the car body specialist used a special drill instead of the usual tattoo machine with needle. Using white paint cut through to the metal, and then into that space with a brush applied paint, which took more than 5 liters. In addition, to achieve three-dimensional effect in the image used gold leaf.


De Saba depicted on the back of a crossover of koi carp – the Japanese “Golden fish”, a symbol of luck and perseverance in achieving the goal. All the materials visited almost 150 thousand dollars.

Compact crossover Lexus UX was presented in the spring of 2018 at the Geneva motor show.

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