Lexus IS Wax Edition: Vinyl connoisseurs dedicated

Lexus IS Wax Edition: Vinyl connoisseurs dedicated


Lexus is actively releasing special versions of the Lexus IS sedan. Less than two months after the Gamers’ IS concept was unveiled, the brand released its latest creation in collaboration with DJ and producer MC Madlib, artist and producer KAYTRANADA. Dubbed the IS Wax Edition, it should be the perfect vehicle for the vinyl enthusiast.

Unlike Gamers’ IS, which has a massive screen, lasers and a fog generator, the Wax Edition is a little more manual, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the same level of attention to detail.

A distinctive feature of the Wax Edition is a functioning turntable integrated into the car’s glove compartment. It was 3D printed and modified with carbon fiber and machined aluminum, and is capable of reproducing full-size 12-inch records. While this may not seem like a big deal in terms of changes, the real magic lies in allowing this player to work as expected.

The turntable guides the needle through microscopic grooves on the surface of the record. The resulting vibrations reproduce the tracks. However, when external vibrations such as those that can occur from rough driving in a car occur, the stylus will skip, distorting the sound and potentially damaging the player.

To combat this, Lexus installed a stabilizing motor on the turntable and even re-tuned the car’s suspension for a smoother ride. Combined with the Mark Levinson audio system, which boasts 17 speakers, 1800W of power and 7.1 surround sound, the IS Wax Edition is the perfect car for the audiophile.

The custom IS will not be on sale but will be shown at future Lexus events.

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