Lexus LC after 12 hours in the freezer

Lexus LC after 12 hours in the freezer


The Lexus LC in coupe and convertible body styles is one of the coolest cars in the world. This was proved by its developers when they checked the machine’s performance after 12 hours of freezing in the refrigerator.

The developers of the Japanese brand organized a grueling quality check for the new product. The luxury convertible was supposed to spend 12 hours in a large freezer at the Millbrook landfill in Bedfordshire at -18 degrees Celsius.

For the sake of precision, Lexus lowered the fabric roof to freeze the interior. Before the convertible was placed in a massive freezer, Lexus sprayed the foreign car with water. Because of this, the body was covered with an ice crust.

After a grueling 12-hour check-up, professional stuntman Paul Swift took a ride in the convertible. NOR the car worked fine. From a 457-horsepower naturally aspirated V8 engine to heated main seats, the LC has proven to be frost-proof.

The short film, fittingly called Frozen, showed the LC convertible resting in well below freezing temperatures before heading out onto the open road without any glitches. Paul Swift rode it down the Millbrook Mountain Track. The video shows how the ice melts on the back of a premium foreign car.

During development, engineers tested a multi-layer roof at freezing temperatures and snowfall to its ultimate strength. It took them about 18,000 open / close cycles to find the problem.

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