Lexus LC500. The Germans, out of the way!

Lexus LC500. The Germans, out of the way!


What is Lexus LC500h? Why are we in Infocar has created around him so much noise, took to long (a month!) test, and now compare it with the Porsche 911, Maserati Granturismo and a BMW 8 Series? All because LC500 is perhaps one of the most underrated cars on the market. And he can do what most cars in this class don’t.

And this is not about the acceleration to “hundreds” for some ultimate few seconds: test LC500h not “checked out” even according to the manufacturer 5 C. And about how this Lexus is able to offer an alternative sport in the form of comfort, anything without sacrificing. Nothing at all.

And Yes, if you measure a car with acceleration to 100 km/h, then you with this Lexus on the road. But think again. You may be interested in half carbon body, polnopravnym chassis, adaptive suspension, very low center of gravity, ideal weight distribution on axes. Oh, and twelve-step “automatic” (but not exactly).

And all this really works. And all this you can go to the mountains. With two children. And return safely, although it was then in the mountains there was a flood. How long did you say sports cars can?

If you agree that this car deserves attention, see our story. If you do not agree, leave an angry comment. But only after you watch our story!

Pleasant viewing!

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