Lexus named the best brand

Lexus named the best brand


American analytical agency J.D. Power has named automaker Lexus as the leader in the premium segment in its annual car residual value rankings. The Japanese premium brand was voted the most reliable in the premium segment by surveys of US car owners, and the Lexus NX model received the highest ratings in its premium compact crossover segment. This is not the first study to confirm the strength and durability of Lexus models.

Official representative of J.D. Power Eric Lyman noted that Lexus’ success confirms the Japanese brand’s leadership in the automotive industry in terms of residual value. The first place of Lexus in the rating is due to the high quality of cars, which provides them with a steady demand in the secondary market, the manufacturer notes. One of the factors of the reliability of Lexus models is the high level of service in the official service centers of the brand – customers are confident in the professionalism of service specialists and the use of original spare parts, which helps to predict and optimize the cost of car maintenance.

In November 2021, Lexus took the first line in the reliability rating from the American publication Consumer Reports, and then analytical agency Avtostat has repeatedly reported a high level of trust in the official service centers of the brand. In 2021, according to the results of a survey of customers of official service centers of premium car brands, Lexus became the leader in two key indicators – the affordable cost of original spare parts and customer focus of staff.

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