Lexus peeps at Tesla? Japan’s new electric car to take helm instead of steering wheel

Lexus peeps at Tesla? Japan’s new electric car to take helm instead of steering wheel


The future of Lexus begins on March 30th. Last week, the company unveiled a teaser showing the front end of the concept car. She has now posted another teaser video, this time unveiling a four-seater that looks like it has a nervous system, with the tagline:

“Many are wondering what the future will look like, but few are asking how it will feel.”

Of course, it may look too grandiose, but it knows how to interest. Along with the first V8-powered IS 500 sports sedan, the latest RC coupe is the best the Japanese brand has ever created. And obviously the LC500 is one of the craziest and most beautiful coupes on the market. And it looks like the next big thing is the electric sedan.

The video begins with a demonstration of a kind of nervous system, inside which a discharged battery is released, located on the floor of the car. In addition, four seats, wheels, brakes and a windshield can be seen. But a little behind that windshield, where the steering wheel should be, is a strangely shaped piece.

The next shot, when the nerves / wires disappear, are the hands on the steering wheel, which is shaped like a rocker arm. Such a thing might seem ridiculous if we hadn’t seen Tesla announcing the same type of steering wheel as an optional extra a few weeks ago.

In a teaser video last week, Lexus showed a sedan shape with much more rear room than modern fastbacks like the Audi RS7. In addition, a spoiler, a glowing Lexus logo and something like a racing radar or perhaps an F badge could be seen in the video. The latter will mean that the model belongs to a high-performance line.

We also advise you to watch the unusual test of the Lexus LC500h in the Carpathians during the flood from the FineAuto team:

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