Lexus plans to release a successor to the LFA

Lexus plans to release a successor to the LFA


The Japanese company is thinking about creating a new sports car.

Last year in North America, Lexus sold only two copies of the LFA, and this year the sales of the model amounted to three units. Production of the supercar with the V10 ended in late 2012, when the brand has released 500 units. The company still sells “brand new” samples. Despite the fact that immediate plans for a replacement model not yet available in the Lexus claim that is open to the idea to introduce another flagship model.

Within the interview, which focused mainly on the new concept electric hatchback in Frankfurt, Vice-President koji Sato asked about the prospect of another car in the spirit of the LFA. His answer odaet hopes for the emergence of pretika, but not in the near future: “I love this car, but we need your help. We need interest in the new LFA from the media. It can help us to continue”.


For good reason, the company is concerned about the possible lack of demand for the new model LFA, given that the hype on twin rear-wheel drive coupe was not observed. When it first went on sale in the United States in 2010, the LFA was an impressive price in the amount of $ 375,000. The fact that since the launch of the car has been almost ten years, and continues to sell Lexus released the LFA suggests that, despite rave reviews, it just was not a commercial success. So Lexus is concerned that it may be repeated with his successor.

By the way, in the Network some time ago was published the spy shots, showing a disguised prototype of the LFA next-generation with a markedly broader wings, and are actually the test car for testing race tires.

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