Lexus prepares a driver and at the same time affordable coupe?

Lexus prepares a driver and at the same time affordable coupe?


Toyota GR 86 from a premium brand should be “softer”, but probably more powerful and more expensive. With the Lexus badge, the sports car could cost about $ 30,000.

Rumors of a sports coupe are always particularly interesting. We learned a few weeks ago that Toyota brands are doing their best for this sub-genre, selling three rear-wheel-drive, two-door sports cars, if you include the Lexus RC F in that category. But today there is information that the fourth copy will appear soon.

The Lexus Enthusiast website says Lexus may be working on its own version of the Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR 86. But it won’t just be the GR 86 with a Lexus spindle grille: it will get more power, among other things. The site suggests that this Lexus could use Subaru’s 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine mated to an electric motor in a PHEV or MHEV version.

Following the naming structure of the Lexus RC for the Radical Coupe and LC for the Luxury Coupe, the newcomer could be named UC (Urban Coupe). Naturally, it will use the same Subaru Global Platform already geared towards electrification, and with an electric motor, it should deliver slightly more power than the GR 86’s 228 horsepower.

Since Lexus is a luxury brand, it is expected to be designed a little softer, with a little more suspension flexibility, like a GT coupe rather than a rugged sports car. It is possible that the sports car will not use a manual transmission, because smoothness is another distinctive feature of the company.

The Lexus UC is expected to have a nicer interior than any of its platform siblings. The new Lexus NX will fit the cabin with its new driver-focused screen, but it might need to be a little thinner. A scaled-down version of the RC Sport interior will also do.

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