Lexus RX. “For his love?” or “Other priorities!”

Lexus RX. “For his love?” or “Other priorities!”


Is it possible to convince a fan of crossovers of the German automotive industry to seriously look at a Lexus RX? The answer to this question lies not in the plane of the priority consumer qualities, and the ideological plane. Because RX is a completely different.

The Lexus RX does not rely on dynamic performance. Test the crossover in the most powerful version of the 450h (that is, with the power plant with the system of “soft” hybrid: 3.5-liter V6 and an electric motor on the rear axle) can not compete in races to first 100 km/h. However, the feeling behind the wheel of this crossover is such that the more aggressive indicators to the driver are not required.

Lexus RX is not trying to impress a good steering (and even more – the feeling of steering can be called almost disgusting). But at the same time, the brand engineers managed to tune the suspension of the car so that all the rolls are quenched as quickly as possible. And a direct crossover holds great.

Lexus RX do not flaunt the sound of the engine (pretty nice, by the way), forcing you to demonstrate to yourself and passersby, who have here under the hood V6. This crossover brings a new level of quietness in the cabin, after which the other cars of the same class seem less comfortable.

On the other hand… the fuel Consumption of this Japanese crossover will make you ask the question, who dare to call this hybrid powerplant is economical. Even the most expensive equipment will not be able to provide you with the equipment that has become customary in the option lists of the “German big three”. A specific all-wheel drive system would put into question the possibility of exit from the pavement.

All what is the Lexus RX is different from the class competitors (which, by the way, we held a full-time comparisons), we will tell you in more detail than. But, most importantly, demonstrate value, a bet which makes it a Lexus. And you’ll compare them with my own.

Pleasant viewing!

P. S. the prices on “Japanese values” we really talked in detail in one of our editions “Chepachet” dedicated to the Lexus RX. So, perhaps, if you view both the story about the Japanese crossover, you will know about Lexus RX all.

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