Lexus showed in Shanghai the first minivan in its history

Lexus showed in Shanghai the first minivan in its history

The company Lexus introduced the LM, which was the first minivan in the history of the Japanese brand. The novelty debuted in the framework of the motor show in Shanghai.

The car is a more luxurious turned version of the Toyota Alphard, which Lexus LM have divided the main components and assemblies. Outwardly from its platform donor van has a huge signature grille, head lights, made in the style of the flagship models of the ES and LS new generation of other chrome wheels and changed the rear part of the body.

The interior of the vehicle has “limousine” layout – a driver’s and a passenger compartment partitioned by a partition in which is mounted a large 26-inch display, a clock, a refrigerator and a special compartment for umbrellas. Passengers are placed on two separate leather armchairs separated by an armrest with a special touch panel, which provides control of most functions of the car.

In the future, minivan Lexus LM appears seven-seat version with three rows of seats intended for “businessmen who will be able to use the car for both business and family trips”.

All will be available two engines. Version LM 350 will feature a 3.5 liter aspirated V6 power of 300 horsepower. The option LM 300h will have a hybrid power plant in which the 2.5-liter engine will be paired with electrical unit. The total output is 200 horsepower. Both versions will be available with both front-wheel and all-wheel drive.

Lexus LM is intended primarily for China and some markets in South-East Asia. Will there be a minivan in other regions of the world are not yet known.