Lexus to the masses: the Japanese will release a “budget” model

Lexus to the masses: the Japanese will release a “budget” model


In the premium division of concern Toyota has repeatedly denied the possibility of creating budget models. However, it seems that the craze for compact SUVs has forced the leadership of the Lexus to change its position.

SUV Lexus UX in the next couple of years to stop being the most compact and affordable crossover of the brand: this position will take the Lexus BX, which is supposedly going to build on the basis of the recently introduced Toyota Yaris Cross. How it will look until it is not known, but if Lexus BX really is created, it will definitely adorn signature spindle-shaped grille, added exterior chrome lining catchy and might provide a more dynamic silhouette.


According to rumors, Lexus BX will borrow a small “Toyota” is not only a platform but also powerplant – 1.5-liter gasoline engine paired with an electric motor developing 116 HP, we Can assume that will develop for SUV “heated” version of the F Sport, which can give a slightly more powerful engine.

If Lexus does decide to release a model available on the market it will be closer to 2023, and, according to some information, to sell BX the company is going not everywhere, but in selected markets. Lexus UX, which are, in fact, “turned” Toyota C-HR, is in Ukraine at least 27 600 $.

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