Lexus will retain the signature grille even in electric cars


Electric cars are rewriting the rules of the market and even change traditional design that is associated with the automobile since its invention over 130 years ago: the radiator grille.

Moreover, this element is an important functional element, but the grille is the face of the car an integral part of his personality. But the electric cars do not need such cooling that the internal combustion engine, they do not need the same air flow or heat sinks, and they can eradicate this element.


However, this will not happen soon with the Lexus. So says Koichi Suga, Director General of the Lexus Design Division, who says that signature grille marks will remain.

“I don’t think it will happen, barring a big change in the guide. And if that happens, I will fight for the preservation of the grille,” says a top Manager.

Suga also believes that the grille is that valued clients of Lexus. But besides the aesthetic and design of the role played by the lattice, the head of the design Department also says it serves an important purpose even in the electric vehicle.

“For electric vehicles also requires a lot of cooling for the batteries. You may have seen how your phone heats up while charging, so you can imagine the amount of heat generated by battery electric vehicles. You need proper air flow to cool it. We have the battery life, which is important to consider, and we also have charging equipment, so perhaps our engineers are not at the stage where we can completely exclude the duct for air intake from the front,” said Mr. Suga.


In addition, in the front is set a large number of sensors and radar for driver assistance systems. But despite this, the automaker is trying to change the design of their cars, making it unique. Therefore, it is not excluded that new Lexus electric cars will receive a modified grille.

No Lexus grille is not the same?

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