Lightyear One was the most aerodynamic car in the world

Lightyear One was the most aerodynamic car in the world


This title was awarded to the electric car Lightyear One, which operates on solar batteries.

Experts conducted a study of several brands in a wind tunnel in Turin, Italy. The Corporation stressed that the main emphasis in the development of a model Lightyear One was done on the aerodynamics, which allowed to increase its reserve.

The maximum range of this 5-seater car with solar energy is approximately 800 km According to the head of the company Lex Hoefsloot, the machine will be very effective.


The engineers of the brand due to the special shape of the body has been able to achieve the low coefficient of air resistance, which is 0.2 unit. Lightyear One even managed to surpass the figure models of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, which last year became the most “smooth” car with a drag coefficient of 0.22.

It should be emphasized that the founders of the Dutch company Lightyear are the team members of Solar Team Eindhoven. These guys always took part in the competition of electric vehicles in solar-powered Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, and in 2016-m decided to apply the experience gained to develop a civilian car, which can be charged from solar energy. Within two years, they attracted 20 million Euro investment and has created his own debut model with laconic name Lightyear One.

This is a large liftback, the length of which is 5057 mm and a width of 2 meters. Flat nose and long tail is not only a tribute to the aerodynamics, but also a method to increase the area of solar panels: it reaches 5 square meters.

Solar cells are on the hood, roof, and lift the fifth door. Cell new generation of 20% more efficient classic and covered with durable glass that can withstand the weight of an adult.

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