Like Playstation 5: Model S/X Multimedia System

Like Playstation 5: Model S/X Multimedia System


The multimedia screens of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X electric vehicles, after modernization, began to be equipped with Ryzen video chips based on AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture. The Playstation 5 game consoles have the same video processors, Electrek writes about this.

The front panel of the Tesla Model S and Model X electric cars is equipped with a 17-inch touch screen, a smaller display is provided for the rear passengers. The performance of the new processor reaches 10 teraflops: when compared with AMD’s competitors, this corresponds to the power of Nvidia’s mobile version of RTX 2080. At the same time, AMD promises graphics performance at a resolution of 1440 pi at the highest possible frame rate.

According to the position of the Tesla brand, not only processor performance is important for them, but also its energy efficiency, and, accordingly, environmental friendliness and the ability to play and watch videos without significant damage to the electric car’s range.

Tesla uses a video game processor for a reason: the automaker considers gaming an important part of a comfortable ride. To this end, Tesla has already begun developing its own video game division and user interface.

Do you think games are needed in cars?

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