Like Portland lay the Foundation for smart cities of the future


In Portland, in Oregon, United States, organization Sidewalk Labs practically implemented software Replica, designed to analyze the urban situation. The essence of the program is to track the location of residents of the city using their own mobile devices. Also, Replica will consider demographic data to model the map of the movement of people and to form a “synthetic population” profiles real people in the virtual space. In accordance with these profiles, people will be assigned certain behaviors appropriate to their behavior in life. Each user will also be your calendar actions that reflect classes, which he regularly devotes his time.

According to officials of the Sidewalk Labs, with the help of the Replica city authorities will be able to get access to the real routes of movement of citizens. Despite appearing (and perhaps not unfounded) conspiracy theories, the authorities are primarily interested in information about the number of cars on major roads and the number of people in the most popular pedestrian zones. Sidewalk Labs will help the authorities to create route maps and track the peaks of activity of motorists and pedestrians, which is very useful for further optimization of the locations for Parking, as well as the creation of alternative routes in case of congestion. In addition, the software Replica will solve the problem of bike lanes. According to experts auto transport is extremely popular in the USA and many citizens prefer moving on wheels regular walk. Thanks to the collected data, the city authorities will be able to understand where bicyclists and pedestrians prefer to shop and where, optionally, the Parking space can be replaced with bike lanes without causing damage to the business. Recall that overlapping of roads for the needs of pedestrians and cyclists in the United States is not new, but the creation of the pedestrian zone could last for years. Thanks to the collected Replica information, the city government can be sure that the creation of a new pedestrian street will not hurt the car owners.

According to information published by the city councils of Portland, a pilot project of the organization Sidewalk Labs received funding in December. His total was 457 thousand dollars. The money was provided by the Portland Bureau of transportation, transportation company TriMet, and metro Service. During the year, new software will be tested. The experts will evaluate the congestion of the main transport routes in the Portland and their safety. As noted by Eliot rose, the expert Portland Metro, access to the service Replica already have 6 public companies.

Could not rise and question users ‘ privacy. As noted in the Sidewalk Labs, the program uses the location data of residents by using their phones. Full information about all the sources of information not yet disclosed, but the company assures that privacy will not be compromised. According to Niki Bowden, a specialist in the optimization of planning in the Replica received information that has been processed again. The company does not intend in real-time to determine the location of specific people – it was created to establish routes from large groups of citizens.

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