Lilly Singh – Superwoman Meets Supercar Blondie

Lilly Singh – Superwoman Meets Supercar Blondie


Hanging out with Lilly Singh – IISuperwomanII in Dubai. We went on a desert Safari together and this is what happened with Lucy my Lamborghini Huracan.Follow me on:Music by:Nayi-Rahein

but the bloody hell wrong with you going up and down how you drive stupid dumb head what oh my god supercar blunder gear never a good idea to drop the Lambo key anyway I just wanted to introduce you to someone she’s totally unexpected I know you already knew her from about boobies are very swollen even and I do you so we’re gonna go on a quick desert safari they’re going to France by a junior Pierre on to the malevolent Lamborghini at home so that’s right we let her drive we see they work and we’ll see you out in the desert oh man so we’re gonna take Lucy I’m going to meet her at an undisclosed location in the desert so she gets the word super attached to her name without even yeah a supercut I need the car tough super in my name damnit I got this cool this morning Lilly sings here you got to come down like get some pants on quick don’t thought I wasn’t wearing any pants I’m about to shoot this one a half million dollar super rare car yeah me wow that we can’t disclose it you’re gonna see very soon on this huge and we postpone that for Lily yeah literally I had a dress on I was like I’m gonna wear a dress today for once in my life and then we’re like boom Lily’s here we gotta go meet her and do some stuff and film and so we cancel that completely and I got some pants on and here we are heading out into the desert and depends our trousers for the English oh yeah yeah no no I already had the other former pants I’ll know more about what is this channel becoming who didn’t want to see Lily eating chips on a blog today everyone wanted to see them are you ready to go dune bashing jump in Lily I always go with the car in the Sun this one you gonna you gonna do dune bashing in the Lambo absolutely not idiot Allegheny he’s like Kody honey are you ready to keep this okay here Sheldon reckon we can make it with the Lambo so we’re gonna switch cars alright we’re heading out alright I’ve got this keen on the rolling on my channel people this is scarier than driving a lottery I tell you prepare very well for this today I’ve got my Chanel shoes on in the middle of the desert got mushed shino bag I mean oh my god so sick oh we’re going to do by a number of time yes I have oh the first time I came was actually before I was super before I started YouTube and like two thousand five or six three oh my legs are you came with your family oh no I came one of my friends lived here and I stayed here for a month just because I know you do a number of characters what are they favorite my favorite character is probably my dad to play it’s probably my dad man yes and what does he think about oh he thinks that he cut off the garbage he’d be throwing up right now if he was there he’s very juicy drama-queen so give me scream at the toughest can you do your dad a tiny bit yeah I can buddy along with you going up and down saying Drive stupid dumb head what are you gonna do what are you gonna do today your new car I’m gonna take so I’m gonna take some Instagram pictures and beg them that next month I can post and be like in Dubai again but I won’t be in Dubai I’m spanking them do it for the gram seriously and then photograph and I sense a super woman’s action up a hip-hop song growing up by little Mon fabulous it was an old old hip-hop song ok shows my age we had that’s right we’ll pretend you’re super young yeah I want to see what’s about out like last year that I’m a hundred percent I’m sorry about that group one direction yeah yeah seriously is that you felt like sin I really trust you now and the desert good combination for sure if you want to keep your shoes clean I know what I’m doing camels grunt and make funny noises but they’re kinda cute it’s beautiful isn’t it how cool is Lily so glad I got to meet her I moved to ten years ago this month and this is part of the reason why I’ve stayed because it’s so freakin beautiful here alright guys that’s it I hope you liked the vlog hope you liked meeting Lily and please like though like the vlog subscribe to my channel and we’ll see you around I’ll see you out just decided to leave the desert safari early and we’re parked in in the middle of the desert and we don’t know who owns this car this car it’s car at this cart this public so why would you circle why would you serve will the cop and I was like no at first I was like I will get through here no no issues but on the other side look I think this sand is you can’t get through here we’re totally gonna skip [ __ ] like look at this we’re screwed so yeah I suppose we got to try because otherwise we’re gonna be here for three hours okay okay say so say if you get stuck how are we gonna get out can you actually tow a Lamborghini out is that something is that possible we tried once it didn’t go well we did try and talk our out of the same before that wasn’t a 4×4 any season for biking it’s a multi for yeah it is a 4×4 that’s our second home excuse me can you help pushing Lamborghini huh are you going yeah I think so okay well first I can’t even make my way here no no no you can’t say what am i doing to go can you help pushing can you have pushing or she for stop sup sup sup can you help pushing everyone pushing okay okay just go slowly okay okay go get me to the army buddy this is good yeah yeah go go go go go you can always count on fans to get you out of this end

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