Limited Edition HyperTruck with Drone Landing Pad!

Limited Edition HyperTruck with Drone Landing Pad!


Brabus converted a G-Wagen in to an insane Pick Up truck! They tuned the engine, elongated the wheel base and raised it… which means this will cost you about 4 times the price of a standard G! What do you guys reckon? This is the Mercedes G-Wagen Brabus 800 XLP Adventure.Special thanks to @brabusme / @brabusdubai

what’s up guys supercar blondie in this beast of a car um welcome to the channel thank you so much for being a part of the supercar plumbing family so let me introduce you to the g-wagon pickup so we’re in dubai as you can see one of the most iconic buildings that’s the bourgeois arab and we’ve got the atlantis over there you guys must know the atlantis we’ve got a dubai marina and then we’ve got one of the most powerful pickups in the world in australia we’d call this a ute mate what this is is braves has taken a g wagon and they’ve created this from a standard g-wagon so let me tell you everything they’ve done first off you can see how much longer it is they’ve actually extended the wheelbase by 50 centimeters right and then if you come around the front you’ve got this wide star body design so this is 12 centimeters wider than the standard g wagon as well and then it is of course lifted right we all want a lift kit that is also something they’ve done we cannot ignore the fact that it now is a trayvac this is kind of like a mini 6×6 because the 6×6 also has a tray back but it has six wheels what is in here all right these things right here these are mounting tracks because you won’t believe what you can actually get with this car as an optional extra you can get a massive drone this is more your very high-end ute that is going to house your heavy duty wing copter that is what they call it and it’ll cost you about a hundred thousand dollars more this has like a wingspan of two meters you guys and it flies about 240 kilometers an hour this is serious business when you think about that 240 kilometers an hour that drone will fly faster than your car this car has a top speed of 210 kilometers an hour so what is this pickup actually called this is the xlp adventure that is what they’ve actually labeled it and actually you can see it right here beautifully on the back of the car and this one is a first edition now there’s only going to be 10 first editions ever made and this is the first one in the middle east and i’ve got my hands on it so thank you very much to braabus this is a four litre twin turbo v8 and what they’ve done is they’ve taken the engine from the standard g-wagon and they’ve bumped it up a notch they have totally tuned this thing to 800 horsepower right this baby costs you four times as much as a standard g-wagon the entry-level price for this is about 640 000 plus plus plus plus plus all of the optional extras you’ve got these heavy-duty rims here and 22-inch uh all-terrain tyres now they all come standard on this car what doesn’t come standard is a few other things like this this is an optional extra this roof rack and also you’ve got some cool lighting that i’m going to show you in just a second watch what happens yes you have got a retractable step and at night this actually has led lights underneath it so when this comes down at night this is actually illuminated and then you know exactly where you’re stepping right come on in guys come on in so you’ve got all these nice little bravus features right to remind you that you are in something super special um you’ve got a lot of carbon fiber everywhere you guys look at this it’s all over here in the mid console this is all optional extra this does not come standard you guys what i love about robust is they actually have an extra sound boost exhaust system that you can turn on and off now check this out so here’s your start stop button all right and this is actually a bravus digital display as well you can see here bravos this red ring around the speedometer is actually brabus that does not come standard in the g wagon right now let me just rev it here because we’re in comfort mode this is how you make this beast sound just the way it looks you go with this button here into sports plus that automatically opens up the exhaust now listen yeah that’s what i’m talking about it makes a massive difference right you can actually get that bravo exhaust system note which i absolutely love and i think is a definite on a beast like this you need it need it need it all right now check out what is in here press this button you have got three buttons here can you see that yes all right now i’m gonna press this one first go outside check what happens you’ve got leds mounted on the front and you’ve got the spotlights and then around the back also they’re cool little features that you can control here with these buttons also the third button is for the winch you guys so you can control that from here and there is an optional extra winch there at the front now i have to be honest with you when i was reading about this car i was like 640 thousand dollars bob now that i’m in it i kind of get it i think they’ve done a really really nice job the only thing that confuses me is the drone on the back i don’t really understand why you you need a drone on the back of your pickup when i read about that i was like why why that doesn’t make any sense to me why does braavos have a matching like two meter wide drone that actually has a landing pad in the back of the car but then i thought you know it’s kind of a cool story to tell your mates right imagine if you did have one so here’s the back we got the aircon pumping sorry about that guys so standard g-wagon has 585 horsepower this one has 800 horsepower but get this the zero to 100 of a standard g-wagon is four and a half seconds this one is slower zero to 100 4.8 seconds so it’s got a hell of a lot more horsepower but it’s not quite as quick to the 100 mark very comfy you sit up nice and high oh the seats helped me oh yeah yeah really when i did the corner oh nice okay let’s try this again i love that when i first experienced a seat actually hugging you i was like whoa what is happening let me see oh yeah so what happens guys is look this whole panel here actually comes out and hugs you around your tummy to keep you in i love that i love all these little details man all right that’s it that was quite an adventure wasn’t it all right that’s it guys i hope you enjoyed the vid uh give us a quick thumbs up and yeah tell your mates about the craziest pickup ever thanks to brabus thank you so much for letting us experience this crazy beast you

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