Lincoln in 2040: what will be the car of the legendary brand?

Lincoln in 2040: what will be the car of the legendary brand?


The Lincoln brand, together with students from the Art Center College of Design in California, tried to imagine what the brand’s models will look like in twenty years.

The result of this project was a short video that was published on the Lincoln YouTube channel. The goal was to present not only the 2040 Lincoln cars, but also the lives of their owners and the surrounding ecosystem. Traditional images could not convey the entirety of the idea presented, for this reason, the project ended up with a short film.

It is noted that four teams of students worked on the project in parallel. Each of them created its own story around a particular car. The cars had to conform to a concept called the Lincoln brand Case. This name stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric.

At the same time, the Motor1 edition also published drawings of design vehicles. Although the cars were presented from different teams, they turned out to be visually similar. They are related by wide silhouettes, and some have sliding doors. Inside these machines there are many large screens, interactive glasses that display data about the surrounding world and objects, as well as an autonomous control system.

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