Lincoln received the wiper blades heated

Lincoln received the wiper blades heated


American crossover Lincoln Aviator got heated wiper called VisioBlade to help the driver to deal with ice on the windshield.

In addition to the heated front and rear seats, steering wheel, side mirrors and washer nozzles the windshield, the Lincoln Aviator has received the wiper blades are heated. The developers claim that brush called VisioBlade can heat up from freezing temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius in just four minutes. “Warm” is also equipped with a built-in wiper arm with washer nozzles for more efficient use of the liquid.


According to Lincoln, it helps to reduce the consumption of wash water by 50% and significantly improve the quality of windscreen cleaning. As a result of Americans testing to defrost the glass and “janitors” the Aviator with the help of the blowing air conditioning system requires more than 15 minutes. Technology VisioBlade Lincoln can melt the crust of ice more than three times faster, at the same time preventing sticking of wet snow on the wiper blades during the movement.

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