Liqui Moly: caring for the car from the professionals

Liqui Moly: caring for the car from the professionals


In 1957 a German brand Liqui Moly manufactures products that have become synonymous with high quality and efficiency. The range of brand gear oil, avtozhidkosti, lubricants, car care products, special additives and other relevant tools for comprehensive auto maintenance. Know them and choose the owners of the vehicles 120 countries. In Ukraine you can buy original products on the website of the official representative of Liqui Moly.

What is the secret of the popularity of the brand?

Specialists Liqui Moly create innovative, high-tech products, which are all characteristics superior to available equivalents. Its quality and efficiency to meet the requirements of international standards, confirmed the declarations of conformity and official opinions of authoritative experts in the industry. Technical liquids and tools are sold at competitive, reasonable price that reduces the cost of auto maintenance and eases the financial burden for their owners.

Why drivers prefer lubricants Liqui Moly?

Original transmission oil for lubrication of engine, antifreeze, brake fluid and other products are chemically complex, unique in its properties to the composition. In the application of its components demonstrates outstanding resistance to loads and do work – protect, clean, prevent corrosion, seal and perform lots of other functions according to its purpose.

The products of the German brand aims to defend “vital” parts and components of cars, simultaneously eliminating their current problems. She copes with this mission 100%! No wonder the oil, fluids and special additives Liqui Moly have the nominal tolerances of the giants of the automotive industry – BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, PORSCHE, VOLKSWAGEN GROUP, VOLVO and other manufacturers. Their use helps to keep the manufacturer’s warranty and provide comprehensive service of the vehicle.

Types of products

Motorists Ukraine and the world the German brand offers a decent selection of current products. In assortment of the company:

  • engine oil;
  • original transmission oil;
  • fluid for hydraulic and compressor systems;
  • antifreeze;
  • brake fluid;
  • cosmetics;
  • special additives etc.

Total of more than 6000 kinds of products unsurpassed German quality and efficiency to every driver could choose relevant to your car technical liquids.

How to understand the selection of autodidacta newcomer?

The first acquaintance with the brand Liqui Moly and its products can be confusing – considering the catalog, the motorist is aware of its unlimited ability to service cars. The right choice will help the original manual of the car manufacturer – the specialists of the manufacturer of the vehicle always give specific recommendations on what technical liquids and when you need to change.

If you look at the user manual there is no time or desire, you can contact the dealership. Given the current problem, experts advise the original gear oil, the lubricant for the engine, brake fluid and other types of branded products from Liqui Moly.

The third method of selecting the most convenient is to ask for help in the online service on the selection of autodidacta on the company’s website which can be found on the official website of the brand Liqui Moly. Virtual service works round the clock and completely free. Seconds its intelligent algorithm will help you to choose relevant tool for the specific car and its problems.

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