List of the most problematic used cars

List of the most problematic used cars


British edition of What Car? shared the results of a survey on the reliability of cars that were sold in the UK. The study involved 14,000 car owners who spoke about the breakdowns of their cars over the past 12 months. Based on this, a rating of the most problematic used cars of different classes was compiled. The most reliable models were also identified, which are worth paying attention to those who choose a car in the secondary market.

The problems faced by the owners were classified into 15 categories, including the body, engine, brake system, clutch and gearbox, fuel system, multimedia complex and navigation, interior trim, steering, suspension, air conditioning, battery, exhaust system, electrical and more. After analyzing the malfunctions and counting their number, What Car? determined by one of the most unreliable models in the main classes.

Among the subcompact urban hatchbacks, the worst was the 2006-2014 Opel Corsa. In the class of compact family cars, it was recommended not to buy the Opel Astra with a gasoline engine, which was produced between 2009 and 2015. The most problematic model of the middle class was called the gasoline modifications of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (2014-2021), and in the business class, the Jaguar XF gives the owners the most trouble.

As for crossovers, the MINI Countryman (2010-2017) received the title of the most unreliable among the compact ones, Range Rover Evoque (2011-2019) in the family SUV class, and Land Rover Discovery among the mid-size ones sport. Also included in the anti-rating were Land Rover Discovery 2004-2017. (premium SUV class) and Tesla Model S electric vehicles produced from 2014 to the present. And finally, the 2006-2013 BMW 3-Sereis Coupe turned out to be the most problematic sports car.

The most reliable cars are mentioned separately, the problems of which are either minor, or they can be solved quickly and for a small fee. Among those were KIA Picanto (2011-2017), Mazda3 (2014-2019), Ford Mondeo (2014-2022), BMW 5-Series (2010-2017), as well as Suzuki Vitara, BMW X1 (from 2015 onwards). ), Honda CR-V (2006-2012), Porsche Macan (from 2014 onwards), Nissan Leaf electric car (2011-2018) and Mazda MX-5 (from 2015 onwards).

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