Listen to the sound of the Audi RS Q8 without diesel particulate filter

Listen to the sound of the Audi RS Q8 without diesel particulate filter


Within this video demonstrates how may sound exhaust system high-performance RS crossover Audi Q8, which has no diesel particulate filter.

How the same car can have two different sounding exhaust system depending on where it is sold? While some manufacturers offer additional exhaust system for their cars that create a more aggressive exhaust sound, there is another possible explanation. As emissions standards in Europe are becoming increasingly strict, automakers have no choice but to adapt their engines, setting them particulate filters.

High-performance crossover Audi Q8 RS is one of the most striking examples of this, because the European version has a significantly reduced noise compared to the version sold in the middle East or in North America.


Team Auditography had the opportunity to capture an instance of the flagship crossover Audi Sport, on the streets of Doha in Qatar. Under the hood of this SUV is a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo and Yes, he doesn’t have a notorious particulate filter.

It is worth noting that we have before us a crossover version that has all possible options, including ceramic brakes and a “package” of carbon fiber. His body is painted in a shade of the Orca Black Metallic, with contrasting red brake callipers.

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While Europeans can’t appreciate a louder sound of the exhaust crossover, you’ll be able to hear the terrible its powerful motor. Without particulate filter for gasoline probably would not have even RS Q8 on the Old Continent. The filter is needed in order to reduce the amount of CO2 into the air.

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