Lito released electric motorcycle Sora Generation 2

Lito released electric motorcycle Sora Generation 2

Canadian company Lito Motorcycles introduced electrocycle Lito Sora Generation 2, which is positioned as a Superbike, able to accelerate to 100 km/h in 3 seconds.

Three-phase motor with liquid cooling is powered by lithium-ion batteries and produces 90 Nm of torque and 108 HP of power. All set in an aluminium frame. Suspension – ?hlins. The body kit and wheels made of carbon fiber. Electrocycle weighs 250 kg, about 10 kg lighter than the first version. The manufacturer has tires Michelin Pilot Power 2CT or Michelin Power RS.

Lito engineers decided to install the variator with reverse gear. Main gear belt.

Batteries 18kW*h 50% cooler than the first generation. They provide a cruising range of almost 300 km, while the on-Board charger 3.3 kW reduced full charge time in half to 5 hours. The batteries have 5-year warranty, and other components – 2.

Other features:

  • modes: Performance, Normal, Safe
  • tidy: 5.7 inch touch display with Wi-Fi
  • saddle: electronically-adjustable

The manufacturer plans to produce only 20 copies at a price of 82 $ 250.

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