“Little ant”: Chery was not expected to do this

“Little ant”: Chery was not expected to do this


The extreme electric car will most likely be equipped with an all-wheel drive system.

Photospies have shared pictures of the car, which is an off-road version of the electric Chery Little Ant. Previously, experts doubted the possibility of creating such a model, but now there is irrefutable evidence of the existence of such a car.

Previously, the automaker has already shown pictures of the novelty, but the car did not look so massive on them. In spy shots, you can see that the wheels of the car are simply huge. The height of the extreme execution is apparently more than 2 meters.

According to reports, the SUV is not built on the architecture of the compact Little Ant, but on the basis of the larger Little Ant Pro, which has not yet debuted. There is no information about the technical stuffing of the model yet. The standard Little Ant is equipped with a 41-horsepower electric motor.

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